Steeldive Watch Comparison: SD1940V Vintage Pilot vs SD1970W Dive Watch

Comparison of Steeldive Watches: SD1940V vs SD1970W

Steeldive SD1940V - Vintage Pilot Watch

The Steeldive SD1940V is a vintage pilot watch designed with an onion crown, giving it a classic and elegant appearance. It features a reliable automatic movement and a sturdy stainless steel case for durability. The watch is water-resistant and suitable for daily wear.

Steeldive SD1970W - Automatic 6309 Turtle Dive Watch

On the other hand, the Steeldive SD1970W is an automatic dive watch built with the iconic 6309 Turtle case design. It boasts a uni-directional rotating bezel and a high-quality Seiko NH35 automatic movement. The watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters, making it an excellent choice for diving enthusiasts.


  • Steeldive SD1940V features a vintage pilot watch design, while SD1970W has a dive watch design.
  • SD1940V comes with an onion crown, whereas SD1970W has a uni-directional rotating bezel.
  • Both watches are equipped with automatic movements for accurate timekeeping.
  • SD1940V is more suitable for everyday wear, while SD1970W is ideal for diving activities.
  • While both watches are water-resistant, SD1970W has a higher water resistance rating of 200 meters compared to SD1940V.
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