Head-to-Head: Steeldive SD1958 BB58 vs SD1962 62MAS Automatic Watches

Comparison of Steeldive Watches: SD1958 · BB58 Automatic vs SD1962 62MAS Automatic


  • Both watches are from Steeldive, known for quality diver's watches.
  • They are both automatic watches, eliminating the need for battery replacements.
  • Both models have a water resistance rating suitable for diving.


  • The SD1958 · BB58 Automatic features a design inspired by the famous BB58 model, with a vintage look and sapphire crystal, while the SD1962 62MAS Automatic has a design inspired by the classic 62MAS model, with a more traditional diver's watch aesthetic and mineral crystal.
  • The SD1958 · BB58 Automatic has a smaller case size of 40mm compared to the 42mm case size of the SD1962 62MAS Automatic.
  • The SD1958 · BB58 Automatic has a stainless steel bracelet with a vintage-style clasp, whereas the SD1962 62MAS Automatic comes with a rubber strap for a more sporty look.
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