Diving Deep: Steeldive SD1989 vs SD1975T Watches Detailed Comparison

Comparing Steeldive SD1989 and Steeldive SD1975T Watches


The Steeldive SD1989 features a Monobloc design with a 1000m water resistance, while the Steeldive SD1975T has a Tuna dive watch design with a 300m water resistance.


Both watches are powered by a reliable automatic self-winding movement, providing accurate timekeeping.

Case Size

The Steeldive SD1989 has a larger case size compared to the Steeldive SD1975T, making it a bold statement on the wrist.


The Steeldive SD1989 comes with a unidirectional rotating bezel, ideal for underwater timing, while the Steeldive SD1975T features a similar function for diving purposes.


Due to its higher water resistance and larger case size, the Steeldive SD1989 is priced slightly higher than the Steeldive SD1975T, which offers great value for money.

Both watches are popular choices among divers and watch enthusiasts, catering to different preferences in design and functionality.

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