Detailed Comparison: Steeldive SD1970R vs SD1952V Diving Watches

Comparing Steeldive SD1970R and Steeldive SD1952V Watches


The Steeldive SD1970R features a colorful luminous design, while the SD1952V has a vintage-inspired 50-Fathoms style.

Case Size

The SD1970R comes in a larger case size compared to the smaller case size of the SD1952V.


Both watches utilize reliable automatic movements, providing accurate timekeeping.

Water Resistance

The SD1970R offers higher water resistance compared to the SD1952V, making it suitable for more rigorous underwater activities.


The bezel design of the SD1970R is geared towards divers with easy readability, while the SD1952V features a classic rotating bezel.


Ultimately, the choice between these two Steeldive watches comes down to personal preference, whether you prefer a colorful modern design with higher water resistance or a vintage-inspired look with a classic rotating bezel.

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