Deep-Dive Comparison: Steeldive SD1978 Vs. SD1953 V2 Diver Watches

Comparison of Steeldive SD1978 "Emperor Tuna" 1000m Diver Watch and Steeldive SD1953 V2 Sub Dive Watch


The SD1978 features a more robust and chunky design resembling a tuna can, while the SD1953 V2 has a sleeker and more classic diver watch design.

Water Resistance

The SD1978 offers an impressive water resistance of 1000m, making it suitable for deep-sea diving, whereas the SD1953 V2 provides a water resistance of 300m, suitable for recreational diving and everyday wear.


Both watches come with a unidirectional rotating bezel. The SD1978 has a larger and more prominent bezel, offering better grip even with diving gloves, while the bezel on the SD1953 V2 is more streamlined and easy to operate.


The SD1978 is powered by the automatic NH35 movement, known for its reliability and accuracy, while the SD1953 V2 also uses the NH35 movement, ensuring precise timekeeping.


The SD1978 tends to be pricier due to its higher water resistance and unique design, while the SD1953 V2 offers a more affordable option without compromising on quality and performance.

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