Comparing Steeldive SD1976 & SD1976P Dive Watches: Differences & Similarities

Steeldive SD1976 · 1000m Dive Watch vs. Steeldive SD1976P · Monoblock Diver Watch


  • The SD1976 has a water resistance of 1000m, while the SD1976P has a water resistance of 200m.
  • SD1976 features a traditional caseback design, whereas SD1976P comes with a monoblock case construction.
  • SD1976 has a larger case size of 45mm compared to 42mm of the SD1976P.
  • Price point: SD1976 is usually priced higher than SD1976P due to its higher water resistance rating.


  • Both watches feature automatic movements for reliable timekeeping.
  • They both have a stainless steel case and bracelet for durability.
  • Both the SD1976 and SD1976P offer luminous markers and hands for enhanced readability in low light conditions.
  • They both have a unidirectional rotating bezel for tracking dive time.
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