Comparing Steeldive SD1952V and SD1952: A Deep Dive into Details

Comparison of Steeldive SD1952V and Steeldive SD1952


- Both watches belong to the 50-Fathoms series by Steeldive.

- They feature a classic and elegant design inspired by vintage diving watches.

- Both watches are known for their high-quality construction and materials.

- Both models offer excellent water resistance suitable for diving activities.


- The Steeldive SD1952V is the Vintage edition with a more traditional look, while the Steeldive SD1952 has a modern twist in its design.

- The SD1952V may have a slightly smaller case size compared to the SD1952.

- The SD1952V might have a different dial layout or color options compared to the SD1952.

- The movement used in the SD1952V could be different from the one in the SD1952.

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