Comparing Steeldive's SD1975 Black Tuna & SD1974 Turtle Diver Watches


Welcome to our in-depth comparison of two popular Steeldive watches: the SD1975 Black Tuna Diver Watch and the SD1974 Turtle Diver Watch. In this post, we will explore the differences and similarities between these two impressive timepieces.


The SD1975 Black Tuna features a sleek black dial with bold white markers and hands, giving it a modern and sporty look. On the other hand, the SD1974 Turtle showcases a classic turtle design with a striking sunburst blue dial and vintage-inspired hour markers.

Case and Bezel

Both watches come with a durable stainless steel case, but the SD1975 Black Tuna boasts a larger case size at 47mm compared to the SD1974 Turtle's 42mm case. Additionally, the Black Tuna features a unidirectional rotating ceramic bezel, while the Turtle has a bidirectional rotating bezel with an aluminum insert.


Under the hood, the SD1975 Black Tuna is powered by a reliable Seiko NH35 automatic movement, known for its accuracy and robustness. The SD1974 Turtle, on the other hand, houses a Seiko NH36 automatic movement, offering similar performance with the added functionality of a day-date complication.

Water Resistance

Both watches are built for diving, with the SD1975 Black Tuna boasting an impressive 300m water resistance rating, while the SD1974 Turtle offers a slightly lower but still impressive 200m water resistance.


In summary, the SD1975 Black Tuna and SD1974 Turtle are both excellent choices for watch enthusiasts looking for a reliable and stylish dive watch. The Black Tuna may appeal to those who prefer a larger case size and modern design, while the Turtle offers a more classic and vintage-inspired look. Whichever model you choose, you can't go wrong with a Steeldive watch!

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